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A Spanish startup on an exciting mission to revolutionize the food industry and address global challenges of food availability and climate change. We specialize in producing alternative proteins based on an innovative fermentation process, offering a sustainable and delicious solution for protein consumption worldwide, known as mycoproteins.

In a world with constantly increasing population estimates, food availability has become a critical challenge. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has highlighted the urgent need to rethink how we produce and consume food. Furthermore, climate change represents a significant threat to global food security.

ODS Protein emerges as a response to these challenges. Through the application of biotechnology, innovation, and a strong focus on sustainability, we are uniquely positioned to provide high-quality, environmentally-friendly proteins to the food industry.


Our alternative protein production enables the conservation of natural resources








Mycoprotein in mycelium and powder format, ready to be incorporated into food matrices

Proteína completa de alto valor

Complete protein

All essential amino acids are present in its composition.

Proteína innovadora

Clean label

Mycoprotein enhaces nutritional value, as well as technological and organoleptic properties in the final product.

Proteína de producción sostenible

Sustainable production

One of the most sustainable proteins in the market, its production upcycles food waste from the food industry and significantly reduces the use of natural resources.

Proteína vegana

Vegan protein

Mycoprotein is an ingredient that can be used in vegan applications, thanks to its origin from filamentous fungal mycelium.

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Production Process Unaffected by Weather Conditions or Geographic Location. Our bioreactors, utilizing fermentation technology, regulate crucial parameters to optimize biomass production.

Up-cylcing food waste

Transforming food industry waste into added value, competitively closing production loops through optimized bioconversion with our adaptable strain collection tailored to various needs.


Providing versatile ingredients that seamlessly integrate into various food applications, thanks to their adaptability in terms of technological, organoleptic, and functional properties.


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Public Grants

Innovation Bonus
In order to promote technological development, innovation, and high-quality research. This initiative is funded by the Xunta de Galicia, through grants provided by the Axencia Galega de Innovación, as part of the Innovation Voucher Program 2023 for businesses
Emprendemento PLUS 23-24
REPAG. Upclying food waste and byproducts of Galician Potato Industry
Plan de Continuidad Empresarial e Internacionalización

This project has received funding under Grant Agreement 101074621 of which 1,12 million goes directly to Food Processing SME thanks to the B-Resilient Financial Support to Third Parties Scheme